The Dungeon Reunion Party… (Continuation 1)

Before you get any ideas… This is a “reunion party” for all those that not only went to the latter known Dungeon at Galaxy Nightclub but it is also a reunion party for those that went to and or help start the scene at the previous clubs; like the E.Y.E. for example. Many of the “Old-School” and “Neo-School” people have already joined the Facebook group called The Dungeon Reunion Hawaii. The ring leader is Miz Priya; well known through out the local Sub-Culture, along with many of her yet to mentioned associates.

While the date has been stated at November 13, 2011 it has already been given much offers from the local and mainland scene to help out with this event. It was made clear to the group that the well know “Matt Grim” wanted no part in this event and wanted to make sure that everyone knew that. But, Miz Priya herself is one such person who is currently living in Eugene, Oregon. “Ryan Klemek” who is from Redding, California will also be joining in to assist the organization of the Body Suspenion show for the evening.

I’m sure that last sentence just caught you attention. 😉 Yes, a Body Suspension Show has been confirmed to happen at this momentous event. This part of the event is currently being lead by the aforementioned “Ryan Klemek” in collaboration with Gus and Nephilim Halls. We’d love to tell you what we have planned, but we wouldn’t want to spoil it. 😉

Ryan once lived in Honolulu and has since moved to the mainland. He’s part of the suspension group called CoRE which was started by a group out of Dallas called TSD. Gus is name that’s well known through out the local Body Suspension sub-culture. It has been said that he was the one that brought Body Suspension to the Honolulu. He is also part of the reason that TSD came to perform in Honolulu all those many years ago.

Before we leave we would like to thank Daniel Gray; the owner of Soho, for allowing us to use the entirety of his venue for this event. It’s needless to say that it’s not easy finding a venue with an open mind or an interest in sub-cultures to hold this type of event. We’d also like to thank and encourage Miz Priya and her associates for organizing this HUGE event. Miz Priya is also welcoming any volunteers to help with this event!

If you like this event please join the group, tell your friends, and tell total strangers! Nobody will want to miss this event! Here’s the info that we got so far.

  • Soho Multimedia bar in Chinatown
  • Sunday, November 13, 2011
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  1. Welcome back DOMS: I’m so happy to hear of this reunion. Been a long time waiting since the Galazy close down. See yawl there.,..,. MD

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