Save the date: September 29 and 30 for ATTRITION


My first experience with Attrition was right after high school in about 2000, in a car driving too fast down the California coast to a goth club in Los Angeles, at earsplitting volume, with two LA rivitheads of some ill repute. The music went from something abrasive and aggressive, maybe Snog or KMFDM, to something slow and chiming that I thought should be more properly waltzed to in the 16th century, and then the lyrics kicked in and I was immediately in love. Later, I discovered other favorite songs: “Mercy Machine,” “Cosmetic Citizen,” and the fantastic album “Smiling, at the Hypogonder Club,” but “A Girl Called Harmony” still has a special place in my heart. 

For 37 years, Attrition, a UK band of renown, has been blending the old, the new and the weird in unexpected ways. How to describe the sound that Martin Bowes, Julia Niblock and their compatriots produce? It’s as if a couple of misfits from the 17th century Renaissance era fell into a twisting time warp, picking up random bits and general weirdness from the 1920s jazz era and the 1960s psychedelic era before emerging fully-formed from the womb during the ’80s birth of raw, experimental electronica, industrial and post-punk.

The electro-acoustic eccentricity of Attrition hasn’t let up over the years, and I am thrilled to see them in Hawaii for the first time – more so, I’m honored to be opening for these perpetual pioneers of sound and mood that have influenced so many of the bands known and loved by my generation of darklings.  See you there!

-DJ Nightfox

Friday, September 29, 2017 at Next Door ( 43 North Hotel St) 9pm-2am | 21+ |

Featuring live music by England’s ATTRITION
One of the pioneers of Electronica | Dark wave | Industrial music.
Also featuring a HORROR FASHION SHOW with original designs and models. Also music by DJ Nocturna, Du Nord and Nightfox.
Costume contest, Winner gets $100 cash for most original costume.

Saturday, September 30, 2017 at Anna O’Briens ( 2440 S Beretania St ) 9pm -2am | 21+ |

The event will feature an EXCLUSIVE DJ PERFORMANCE by ATTRITION, Dark Cloud, Dat Mot & Missy Black.

Also A SPECIAL LIVE PERFORMANCE by Toronto based Subterranea (symphonic blackgaze/dungeon synth) and Queen Witch (witch house) First time in Hawaii to feature live music in the genre of Witch House.

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