New album: Clan of Xymox – “Days of Black”

Iconic Dutch goth/rock band Clan of Xymox just released a new album on March 31 on Trisol/Metropolis. This is a solid album. I purposely waited until I had listened to it in its entirety many times before posting this review. Ronny Moorings (Vox, Guitar) is an astounding and versatile song writer and musician. No one song(s) stood out as head and shoulders above the rest. I don’t mean this as a criticism but as recognition of a great accomplishment on the part of the band. Super, super awesome and no bad tracks whatsoever. Please visit the website ( and buy the album from Metropolis Records here.  Now, watch the official video for the album’s first actual song, “Loneliness.”

– Du Nord

Listen to the rest of the album:

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