Kinetik Festival 2011


Kinetic: is the energy a body has by virtue of its motion.

The Kinetik Festival is the North American version of the DDT. Annually  held at Montreal, Canada, it’s birth has been set in immersion,  public influence, and the evolution of Electronic Music. Kinetik Productions is a Non-Profit partnership between KAO Production, Android Productions & [i] Prod for the Electro-Industrial scene via cultural exchanges between countries, the Electro-Industrial music scene, and one of the biggest North American festivals.


This years line up includes artists like Front Line Assembly, God Module, [X]-Rx, Mind.In.A.Box, and FGFC820 among other popular artists. The event is held at an All-Ages venue with a capacity of 2,350 in one of the top 100 rock concert venues called the Metropolis in Montreal, Canada. For more information drop in on their site @

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