Some new Psy’Aviah tunes


Yes yes… Sound Cloud seems to be the new to get demo’s out these days.

Psy’Aviah just put out a new “progressive” demo that you can check at In my opinion it’s good song. Not necessarily club worthy, but the type you listen when you’re driving around at night doing the the “deep thinking” thing. If deep thinking isn’t quite you’re thing they just put out some club tracks at that you might dig. Their version of Tired sounds like it could make a decent opener for the night. Out of the set, In The Shadows has a nice meaty bass beat with angelic vocals that I could jive to. Grace is one of the slow “runway” tracks you play for the background; but still very melodic and some what inspiring. Maybe it might make it to the Miss Vamp coming up on October 15th by @djnocturna. **hint hint**


But of course, don’t take my word for it. Check it out your self!!!

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