Torpedo stuck in thermal exhaust port


Sorry for the slight broken site. But, we’re back! Apparently, some genius decided to shoot a torpedo into a thermal exhaust port and it caused all types of issues. But luckily, we had some first year red shirt engineering cadets to climb down the jefferies tubes with a couple of sonic screwdrivers to Wedge it loose.

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This Saturday: Ground Zero feat. Dissolved Horizons!


Join us this month for GROUND ZERO, a new night that combines rock, goth, metal, punk, and industrial music DJs with a live band for a night of hard-hitting beats and lots of fun.

Listen for music by artists like Rob Zombie, Ministry, Smashing Pumpkins, Lacuna Coil, Alice In Chains, Skinny Puppy, Mayhem, Bad Religion, Bauhaus, Dead Kennedy’s, The Smiths, Sisters Of Mercy, Tool, Type-O and more.

With DJs:

Angst ( Tymm Ryan, with his last set before he takes a sabbatical)
Du Nord ( Craig Willers)

And special guest band Dissolved Horizons, playing their last show for a while!

Dissolved Horizons is a 4 piece progressive metal band formed in 2011 and based out of Hawaii. With a wide array of influences, Horizons’ shredfest metal is juxtaposed with a beautiful melodic atmosphere of peaks and troughs for the audience to ride. Their debut EP “To the Depths” was released May 25th 2013. Since then DH has been hard at work, writing a full length album and playing various shows and festivals around Oahu including headlining Kawaii Kon in 2014. Dissolved Horizons’ debut LP “Breach” is expected to release this Fall with a bombardment of shows in support of it.

Cover: $8
21 and over are welcome.
Doors open at 9pm

Military “Battle Buddy” Discount: Pay one cover, get one free with Active Service or Retired ID. Must enter at the same time.

D2 Discount: Fourth person in groups of four gets in free. Must enter at the same time.

Mahalo to our sponsors, Smiling Devil Tattoo and Piercing and Rock Star Tattoo, Piercing and Laser Tattoo Removal!

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Calling all Punk & Metal bands!!!


Punk isn’t dead. It’s just hung over.

Nephilim Halls Productions will be doing a new event to feature Live Music! They’re seeking all Punk & Metal bands/musicians and everything in between to be the featured in  the night. The darker and edgier the sound the better. We urge all interested parties to contact Void @ for more information.

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Horror Ball Preview: An interview with designer Robin Pullman


Robin Pullman’s Clive Barker-inspired styles will be bringing a visceral, visually tempting presence to the runway of the first Horror Ball. The dichotomies of her themes and inspirations make for a unique perspective that can only come from the mind of someone constantly in motion and constantly pushing her own creativity. We asked Robin for insight on her methods, influences and love of costuming.

* Catch all three of our featured designers, Darkly Darling, Hunter Vain and Robin Pullman at the First Annual Hawaii Horror Ball, August 15 at NextDoor! *

NH: What was the first article of clothing you ever designed?

Robin: When I was around 8, I used to take clothes that I didn’t like and Frankenstein them into something I thought looked good. The first one I can remember was a pair of 80’s acid wash jeans that I cut holes in, then closed some of the holes up with bows and sewed other pieces of fabric underneath the holes. Looking back, it was probably pretty awful, but very creative.

When and how did you become interested in making your own fashions?

Ever since childhood, I have had an interest in art of all kinds. To me, creating clothes and accessories were just another art form to play with. Even though I created pieces growing up, it wasn’t until I started my own burlesque troop, called Frills and Thrills Burlesque Revue, that I became deeply interested in making my own fashion.

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