This Saturday: Black Rose Dance Parties’ Goth/Industrial Dance Night @ Polearity

black rose

You’ve seen Goths Up Trees. But have you ever seen Goths On Poles?
This Saturday, Jody Rose, founder of the Black Rose Dance Parties, and DJ Nightfox from Nephilim Halls Productions spin goth and industrial dance music all night long, including YOUR requests.

BYOB. 21+. $5 entrance fee, $9 corkage fee per person. Air-conditioned. Big dance floor. POLES. Come and dance to gothic industrial music at PoleArity from 10pm-2:30am. Your money directly supports this night and being able to dance at this amazing space.

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Torpedo stuck in thermal exhaust port


Sorry for the slight broken site. But, we’re back! Apparently, some genius decided to shoot a torpedo into a thermal exhaust port and it caused all types of issues. But luckily, we had some first year red shirt engineering cadets to climb down the jefferies tubes with a couple of sonic screwdrivers to Wedge it loose.

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Save the date: Saturday, May 9 is The Launch of Vortex @ Electron

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VORTEX is our new goth/industrial/EBM dance party at Hawaiian Brian’s brand-new 18+ DJ lounge, Electron, EVERY SECOND SATURDAY starting in May!

** Please note that we will no longer be holding KORE at Downbeat Lounge. **

Come dance to all your favorite tracks by artists like VNV Nation, Assemblage 23, Wumpscut, Combichrist and Sisters of Mercy, in addition to cutting-edge NEW goth, darkwave, EBM and industrial tracks from around the world, played on Electron’s amazing new sound system.

With Nephilim Halls resident DJs

DJ Nightfox
DJ Dark Cloud
and special guests!

Not in a dancing mood? Grab a drink at the bar in the back, take over a couch and lounge around.

Hawaiian Brian’s is Hawaii’s premier nightlife and entertainment venue, featuring multiple event spaces for live music, pool, darts, drinking and revelry. Its newest entertainment addition, Electron Listening Room, features state-of-the-art sound equipment and speakers tuned specifically for electronic music, a full bar, comfortable couches and great A/C.

VORTEX @ Electron (Inside Hawaiian Brian’s)
Every Second Saturday
$5, 18+
9 p.m.-2 a.m.

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This Saturday: GOTH PROM!

goth prom

Event: 4th Annual GOTH PROM
Date: Saturday, April 11, 2015
Time: 9pm-2am
Place: Next Door (43 N. Hotel Street)
Info: www.djnocturna .com /

You are cordially invited to attend an evening of promenade at NEXT DOOR for the dark prom you never had!

Four couples have been nominated to run for the title of Bat King and Bat Queen. Only one couple will take the title.

With DJs Nocturna, Du Nord and Shadowfaxx, and live music by goth-rock band STORM.

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